Truss Boom (Code: TB12)

12 ft Closed 20 ft Open 12 ft Closed 20 ft Open 8 ft Section shown extended 20 ft Open Length

This Truss Boom from Shafer Metal is the absolute must have telescopic tool carrier. Use this great tool for reaching over fences,moving trusses, getting into those hard to reach areas, pulling in your dock and accurately placing your materials. Expand your capabilities with this inexpensive attachment.



Boom 12 foot  Extends to 20 feet

High Strength 2000# static load capacity
Inexpensive , Cost Effective



Move and Place Building Trusses
Setting Frames
Reaching over Fences
Lowering tree pieces when cutting trees
Stacking Materials High
Reaching hard to reach areas
Pulling in your dock


Part Number  TB12
Extended length  20 ft 
Closed Length  12 ft 


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